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One way links are one of the better ways to increase your site ranking.

One way links are one of the better ways to increase your site ranking.

What follows is an explanation of how back linking works, some of the different types of links there are and how they all pull together my company to move your key phrases and their associated pages up through the search engine rankings.

High Page Rank Links.

Not all links are created equal. Google and the other search engines have a rating system whereby a link coming from a website with a high page rank is considered to be far more important than a link coming from a website or blog with a low page rank. For example 1 link from a website with a page rank of 9 would be worth thousands of individual links coming from blogs with a page rank of 0.

Some of the article submission sites have a high page rank and it's well worth your while to have high quality articles written so you can get inclusion on these article directories. Some of the article directory sites have a high page rank and you get to put a maximum of two links back to your website in what's called the resource box that goes on the end of each article. You need to do your research on which article directories to use as there are a lot of directories with a low page rank as Google considers the articles on these to be of low quality. is considered to be the best article directory as they only allow in good quality articles.

YouTube Links:

YouTube is another site with a high authority ranking. Uploading well optimized videos with a link back to your website has go always visit website been considered a good strategy for high quality backlinks, especially since Google is the owner of YouTube!


Bookmark links are social links. These will generally give a lower quality of link back to your website but are necessary to the linking mix. It would look far too unnatural to the search engines to only have links coming to your site and pages from sites with higher page authority. There are literally hundreds of bookmarking sites, some of the more well-known ones are, StumbleUpon and Ma.gnolia

DoFollow / NoFollow

And as if that isn't complex enough, there's the matter of DoFollow / NoFollow links. NoFollow links are links that the search engines won't 'follow' back to your website. There is great debate on whether to bother with these links or not, but the general consensus on this is again, if you only have DoFollow links that's a red flag to the search engines. Keepin' it natural is the name of the game.

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