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What kind ?f lures ?re g??d to use when fishing in fr?sh w?ter l?kes

What kind ?f lures ?re g??d to use when fishing in fr?sh w?ter l?kes

Fre?h water fishing b??ts ?nd lur?s are specially made t? produ?e almost instant f??h?ng results. With so m?ny diff?r?nt types, shapes and colors to choose from it i? n?t difficult to g?t more than a little confused when trying to make a decision as to wh?ch one? to choose.

Accord?ng t? th? sales hyp? f?und written ?b?ut th?s? product? you m?? ju?t a? w?ll ?lose ??ur eyes and bu? th? first baits y?ur hand c family fun naples ?ome? in ?ont??t with. Then according to the m?nuf?cturers ?ou ?re guaranteed f?sh?ng results b?yond y?ur w?ldest dreams. However we all know it is never th?t easy.

Choosing Y?urs

To be successful you n??d a g??d s?l?ction of b?its and lur?? ?n your fi?hing b?g or tackle b?x wh?n go?ng f??h?ng

Different lures and artificial b?it? are m?d? becau?e fi?hermen use ?uch a large variety ?f angling techniques ?s well ?s tackle ?nd e?uipment. To be successful at c?tch?ng many fish y?u must also be able t? ?dju?t to the changing weather and water ?onditions as they unfold.

A good w?y to find out which lur?? work b?st in the area you f?nd y?urself i? t? s?eak to other local fishermen ?r th? sal?s p??pl? ?t the lo?al f??h?ng st?re. Als? g? ?nl?ne ?nd ?hoose from the most rev?ewed bait? at th? b?gger fishing outlets. A? you b?com? m?r? ex?erienced ?t will b? t?me to make a m?r? ?ersonal choice. Mult?ple ?acks ?f different ba?ts ma?b? less expensive but I f?nd d? not r?ally work becau?e you usu?lly end up using ?nly a ?ouple of them.

Feel?ng Lu?ky?

Wh? does it happen th?t although everyone is u?ing similar tackle and lure? ?nl? on? angl?r gets mor? bite? th?n the rest of u? wh? c?n only look on with confusion ?nd envy. I get told that luck h?s nothing to do with ?t, but I'm not all that ?ure. Not ?o long ag? I w?s fishing w?th my friend at a favourit? fi?hing spot and we w?r? us?ng identical tackle and bait. The b??t w?s ca?t ?nt? the same f??h?ng h?le w?th?n a c?uple feet ?f each other ?nd he ?nd?d up c?tching 7 beautiful snapper wh?l? I m?n?g?d t? h??k only one ?mall one that ju?t made the allowable limit. For ?ome re?son or other h? also had many more b?t?s than me.

How?v?r a f?w week? later wh?n we aga?n w?nt f??h?ng with the s?me gear ?nd baits from our boat the rol?? were completely reversed and it wa? me that c?me hom? with a big bag ?f fi?h ?nd my fri?nd h?d absolutely no Luck?

So Many Choices

When fresh water fi?hing from a boat with a tr?ll?ng m?t?r ?r the shor? ?ou h?v? a choice of hard bait plastic lures, ??ft b?it plasti? lure?, s?inner b?it and jigs, sw?m baits, ??n f?sh ?tc. It ?eem? th?t th?r? are ?ome s?ecial lur?s ?v?il?ble th?t when presented to the f?sh it gets th?m extremely ?xc?t?d ?nd they cannot resist taking a bit?, thus giving ?nglers great and ?onsistent results. A mixed b?g of b?ss, crappie, p?rch, pike, ?atfish and man? mor? are oft?n caught.

Y?ur Last Chan?e

Bef?re w?nt?r arrive? ?nd ?ou ?ack awa? ??ur fi?hing ge?r go and get ?ome fan?y looking lur?? and c?st a line on? more t?me, hopefully ??t?hing a big one. If you are succ?ssful then this m?mory will br?ng a smil? on ??ur f?ce ?nd hel? ?ou to get through those l?ng winter nights ?n front of a w?rm fire a? you w?it and plan f?r th? n?xt fishing season when it arriv?s.

Fr?nk Rijkers ha? spent m?ny y?ars living the "Dream" by bu?ld?ng h?? own sa?l?ng yacht (footloo?e) and ?ruising the oceans ?nd fi?hing ?n salt and fr?sh water ?ll ov?r th? world. His hope is to encour?ge all fishermen that f?sh using b?ats to ?dd the spice ?f ?l?ctr?c trolling motors to th?ir fi?hing resume ?r thos? cast?ng from th? shor?, t? live the?r dream of g?tting the b?g one, H? review? products that w?ll onl? enhance their fishing ?xp?ri?nc?. Go to and ?ee wh?ts availabl? to help y?u catch m?r? f?sh wh?n using a trolling motor.

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